“Swoon”-Katie Pretti

11 October 2012 - 24 November 2012
Solo Gallery


Renowned artist, Katie Pretti, brings forth a new and exciting collection of works which infuse her usual mastery of the canvas with pure emotion and impeccable thought. They are the culmination of her most recent experiences, traveling and working in multiple countries. A tremendous body of 14 works, SWOON is poised to become one of the most memorable shows of the year.
In between the dead past and the imagined future, it’s easy to fall victim to an invisible force. It can pull you to the ground, into the ground. If you focus on a single thing – a face in the crowd – you get less dizzy from the spinning. But there’s no use in saying that you’ll never fall again.

Katie Pretti says she feels like a ghost. Being in transit can have that effect of a person. A Tibetan might call it a bardo, a place between death and birth. Sometimes people don’t even know they’re dead and they keep walking around, enacting their daily routines, but they have no body. They no longer have any real connection to what they still believe is their life. It’s very confusing for them.

This collection of new work, created between LA and Toronto, created in transit, is about such confusion.