Jenal Dolson: “Crows After Shiny Bits of Sun”

20 February 2013 - 23 March 2013
East Gallery

Inspired by Tova Gardner’s poem Yizkor—from which the exhibition title was derived—Crows
After Shiny Bits of Sun features emerging Canadian artist Jenal Dolson’s newest figurative works.
Combining mark-making with drips and pours, each painting is characterized by a sense of excess
medium; the arbitrary palettes imbuing the works with a sense of controlled spontaneity. The forms in
Dolson’s paintings reference internal organs, ornate interiors and romantic vistas, bringing an element of
humour and continuity to the works. Informed equally by the phenomenon of mimicry in the natural world
and the infinite web of allusion characterizing postmodern culture, the mirroring at play amongst the works
in this exhibition constructs a dialogue addressing the repetition of forms.