“Big Bad Mother Fucker in Charge”

17 September 2011 - 23 October 2011
Solo Gallery


“Big Bad Mother Fucker in Charge”

Works by Thrush Holmes

Please join us for the opening reception

Saturday September 17th, from 7-11 p.m

East Gallery and West Gallery – Thrush Holmes

Thrush Holmes’ early notions of the career artist produced a yearning in him to harness truth and beauty, to release them at will with purity and ease, to be self-employed and, furthermore, self-empowered.

This glossy idealism was predicated on teenage readings and naïve interpretations of the romantic poets – Keats, Shelley, Byron.  After having assumed the real liabilities and debts of this role a decade later, any earlier notions were edited and forgotten.   Through the intimacy of painting and the immediacy of neon lights, Holmes attempts to reclaim the purity and optimism of his youthful conceptions of art, bliss, truth and beauty in his exhibition, “Big Bad Mother Fucker in Charge”.  The work is highly caustic, larger than life, and has the psychic endurance of young romantic prose.

Thrush Holmes (b. 1979 in Welland, Ontario) is a self-taught Toronto-based artist, has exhibited widely throughout Canada and the US, and has been placed among Canada’s top-selling living artists. His work has been accessioned into numerous high-profile and celebrity collections and has garnered considerable national and international media attention. In addition to the visual arts, Holmes has projects in music, fashion, furniture design, and construction.

“Big Bad Mother Fucker in Charge” runs September 24th – October 22nd 2011.