Andrew Dexel: Nooaitch

27 March 2013 - 30 April 2013
Solo Gallery

Inspired by recent travels to Brazil and Arizona, the works in Nooaitch broaden the scope of Andrew Dexel’s practice from the production of art in the Northwest Coast tradition in which he was groomed to the creation of works foregrounding the interconnection of art and spirituality of Indigenous communities across North and South America. Dexel’s engagement with each region’s shamanistic and spiritual traditions and his exposure to the colours, forms and symbolism central to their artistic cultures are made manifest in this new collection of paintings. Before the Time Maker and The Grandmothers Healing Mandela each represent a sense of history—the former inflected by a strong male energy and the latter a female energy—that gives rise to Raven Child, which looks toward the continual regeneration and adaptation of Indigenous cultures. The bold, unconventional colours and abstracted symbolism imbue these works with a strong sense of the creative force behind them. The balance and harmony of various elements in Dexel’s compositions are conceived as a form of visual medicine, intended to evoke a sense of peace and feed the spirit. As modern-day interpretations of traditional styles, these works elicit powerful transcultural expressions that speak to changing environments and the contemporary Indigenous experience.