Arline Malakian interviewed in 1968 Magazine


Artist – Photographer – Creative Director

Arline Malakian… blending fashion, art and photography. The fashion photographer grew up in a mélange of cultures with a strong French influence. Her university years were spent between Beirut and Paris, where she majored in Interior Design, and Arts and Literature (Sorbonne), and later in Canada she acquired her major in Communications and Designs.
She contributed to major fashion magazines and advertising agencies as photographer and artistic director.

How and when did you know you wanted to become an artist?
I don’t think we become an artist… we are an artist; it is just about allowing oneself the freedom of expression and expressing it in the art form. Channelling our passions and experiences through art takes dedication and courage in a world that celebrates commerciality.What does photography mean to you?

Photography is a connection to a moment frozen in time. It is our vision through the lens. Design, light, composition, technicality becoming second nature, we are registering what we see beyond the perceived … a moment of truth is registered and celebrated ironically in 2 dimensions.

Is there something you intend to transmit with your work?

I am always searching the blurred lines between the tangible and the intangible, between past and future of a given moment…

Images are no longer communicating linear context, but are infused to evoke a thematic continuity that aligns with a subsequent direction.

What inspires you?

Beauty inspires me.

Can you define what beauty means to you?

Beauty is everywhere… it is harmony in the elegance of duality itself!

Beauty is contagious. When we see something or someone in all its glory, that is reflected back on us and we shine!

Beauty is integrity and love.

Do you have one favorite photo amongst all that you have shot?

Yes and it is called RICHELLE or what I really wanted to call it is: MY FIRST PERIOD. It is an innocent hunger.

Can you tell us a little bit about your photo exhibit at the Neubacher Shor Contemporary Gallery “Impressions”?

These images embody creative iconography that take root, are processed subliminally, germinate within the unconscious, and give birth to new inspirations, ideas, and objectives in our conscious lives. Impressions are the colors that tint the mandate of our intent. This essay evokes the emotive palettes of a crystallized moment, it echoes in abstraction, the vibrations of a connection observed and rendered.Each piece is composed of a single take, and deconstructed until its bare emotive impression is pronounced.

These works highlight a fluid reality that is subjective, and evolving. Triumph and joy are impressions discovered at the cusp of realized potentiality, a moment glimpsed echoing familiar from a creative reservoir of a future state of mind; the moment is captured as catalyst, chosen and crystalized with intangible vibrancy that is evoked through the art form.

We no longer look at the figure but the capture of its energy.

Impressions is a deliberate exercise to exorcise all the demands and influences of the digital in photography. The visuals are a rendering from within the images as captured, warped and worked until left with the initial impression of the moment, of the reality perceived, which is not objective, beneath the temporal veneer of the observed.

What did your exhibit “The Gaze” represent in your career?

The Gaze was a stepping stone… my first solo show comprising of a total of 24 large tableaux. It sold internationally.
It was about transcending what we carry with us; from past memories to future desires, our gaze is impregnated by these subjective lenses… the only reality is the connection made. I was taken by its magic, it tranced me and gave me courage to delve deeper in my quest.

Can you tell us about the experience of being the subject and the host of the one hour long documentary on beauty based on your work produced by Dove?

Loved the experience. It was an exercise to let go and merge with random subjects. As it was live, I had to interact, create, capture and comment all at the same time. This discipline forced me to think on my feet connecting with the subjects and pondering on the meaning of beauty… similarly I was subjected to the lens and that brought a vulnerability that translated in the process.

Who should read the book you co-created, “Be a Woman”?

“Be a Woman” was born after the documentary. It is a book that celebrates women, femininity and inner beauty.
It is a coffee table book for everyone. It entices the reader in its limpidity through the poignant portraits and the flow of the poetry; empowering women and making men fall in love with the essence of a woman.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Continuing my quest of balance and beauty… pondering on our existence and being inspired by life itself… expressing it through iconography; fashion and literature. The observer that I am has a passion for fashion and people.
My search is within shared with the rest…

What are your goals in the next 5 years?

Goals in the next 5 years are to create more and exhibit internationally… having my art sell and inspire in a lucrative way.
I am working on showing in New York, would love to get an international agent…
In the same time keeping a foot in the editorial terrain as it is thrilling and so ever fast!